Reservoir Environmental Management Inc.

Reservoir Environmental Management Inc. provides environmental consulting services to owners of hydropower reservoirs.  These owners include the US Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation, TVA, and private utilities (e.g., Duke Power, South Carolina Electric & Gas, Progress Energy, Georgia Power, Alabama Power, Entergy, Idaho Power, Avista, Consumers Energy (MI), PP& L, Mirant, AmerenUE, State of Nebraska, PG&E, Birch Power, Advanced Hydro Solutions, Lockhart Power, Enduring Energy, NIH, PowerSouth, and Connecticut Light & Power).

The environmental consulting services usually involve assisting the project owners in developing water quality management strategies for complying with State water quality standards and/or alleviating water quality problems for various water uses (e.g., for enhancing water quality for fisheries and drinking water supplies.)  Reservoir Environmental Management Inc. is led by Richard J. Ruane who has 48 years of experience in developing such strategies for large reservoirs and rivers.  REMI subcontracts to experts in developing these water quality management strategies.  The following is a list of the different kinds of expertise that subcontractors have:  numerical analyses for water quality modeling of lakes and rivers; hydropower turbine testing and assessment/analysis; aquatic biological scientists; environmental chemistry; and aeration systems for lakes, powerhouses, and rivers.  Subcontractors usually have 20 to 25 years of experience in their fields and are recognized nationally and internationally in their fields.

We know Hydro. We know DO, TDG, GHGs, algae and temperature. We know regulations, aeration/oxygenation, fish, agencies/stakeholders and energy tradeoffs. We model water quality and the best solutions to reconcile water quality management concerns.

Reservoir Environmental Management Inc. often

1.      conducts assessments to determine the cause(s) for water quality problems,

2.      develops water quality models of lakes, rivers, and aeration systems,

3.      prepares feasibility studies of a wide range of solutions,

4.      prepares conceptual designs for the most likely potential solutions, and

5.      provides water quality analyses for other firms for their designs of water quality management solutions.

Ruane has worked on 140 reservoirs and has participated in improving water quality associated with 80 projects.  The range of project characteristics include

Project capacities: 0 to 1,300 MW

Project flows: 1 to 110,000 cfs

Range of DO concentrations in releases: 0 to 8 mg/L

Range of DO objectives considered: 4 to 10 mg